Thursday, 14 November 2013

Presentations, presentations, presentations...

Scruffy Duck helps me prepare my slides before LCPD13, Malta
Long time, no post and all that - but I'm still here!

The past few months have been a bit busy, what with the RDA Second Plenary, the DataCite Summer Meeting, and the CODATA and Force 11 Task Groups on Data Citation meetings in Washington DC, followed by Linking and Contextualising Publications and Datasets, in Malta, and a quick side trip to CERN for the ODIN codesprint and first year conference. (My slides from the presentations at the DataCite, LCPD and ODIN meetings are all up on their respective sites.)

On top of that I also managed to decide it'd be a good idea to apply for a COST Action on data publication. Thankfully 48 other people from 25 different countries decided that it'd be a good idea too, and the proposal got submitted last Friday (and now we wait...) Oh, and I put a few papers in for the International Digital Curation Conference being held in San Francisco in February next year.

Anyway, they're all my excuse for not having blogged for a while, despite the list I've been building up of things to blog about. This post is really by way of an update, and also to break the dry spell. Normal service (or whatever passes for it 'round these parts) will be resumed shortly.

And just to make it interesting, a couple of my presentations this year were videoed. So, you can hear me present about the CODATA TG on data citation's report "Out of Cite, Out of Mind" here. And the lecture I gave on data management for the OpenAIRE workshop May 28, Ghent Belgium can be found here.

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