Friday, 1 July 2016

COPE Seminar: An Introductions to Publication Ethics, 13th May 2016, Oxford

Old books in my local second hand bookshop

The COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) Seminar: An Introductions to Publication Ethics, was held on Friday 13th May 2016, in Oxford. 

Being fairly new to this being an editor business, and the workshop being so local, I took the opportunity to go, and found it all really useful. Not only from my perspective as someone in charge of a journal, but also from the data management and publication point of view. A lot of the issues raised during the workshop, like attribution, authorship, plagiarism etc. are just as easily applied to datasets as they are to journal articles.

The workshop was a mixture of talks and discussion sessions, where we were given examples of actual cases that COPE had been told about, and we had to discuss and decide what the best course of action was. Then we were told what the response from the COPE members was in those particular cases - reassuringly we were pretty much in agreement in all cases!

Key notes that I jotted down during the day include:
The main take home message for me was that COPE have a lot of resources on their website, all free to use. 

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